Yoga Postures For Weight Loss With Illustrated : TRIKONASANA

In this asana the position of the body becomes like a triangle (trikon). And hence, it is called Trikonasana.

Pre Position : Sitting Position TRIKONASANAStep 1 : Lift the left leg and place it at a maximum distance towards the left.
TRIKONASANAStep 2 : Turn the toe of the left foot towards the left and inhale. TRIKONASANA

Step 3 :
Exhale and bend the left leg in the knee and place the left hand palm near the left foot toe.
Step 4 : Take the right hand forward straight above the right ear and continue smooth breathing.

Position :

It is necessary to keep the right hand, mid body and right leg in one straight line in this asana. The neck and the waist should be kept straight. The arms of the right hand should be kept touching the right ear. At this stage, the left leg is kept bent at 90 degree angle, the left arm is kept straight & its palms placed on the floor. In this position the weight of the whole body comes on the left hand.


Releasing :

1. Exhale and inhailing, bring the right hand to its original place.
2. Straighten the left knee and bring the left hand to its original place.
3. Turn the left leg toe to front.
4. Bring the left leg near the right one and take up the standing position.

Duration :

It should be kept for one minute on each side.

Internal Effects :

In this asana the weight of the body comes chiefly on the calves of the bent legs and on the muscles of the hand resting on the floor and has nice effect on them. The stretching of the body has good effect on the muscles of those parts and improves their functioning. This asana is useful for the joints of the waist.

Precaution :

Persons complaint their waist and the spinal column should do this Asana under the guidance of Yoga Expert.