Yoga Postures Weight Loss With Illustrated : PASCHIMOTTANASANA

Ardha Pashchimottanasana is not an independent Asana. But since Paschimottanasana (full) is difficult to practice, Pashchimottanasana (ardha) is designed to enable the body to take the full position later.

Sitting Position
PASCHIMOTTANASANAStep 1 : Fold the left leg in the knee and place the heel of the left foot near the thigh of the right leg.
PASCHIMOTTANASANAStep 2 : Only inhale. Step 3 : Exhaling, hold the big toe of the right foot with the left hand and encircle the right hand round the waist.

Step 4 : Exhale completely, and bend downwards and touch the forehead to the knee. Don't allow the knee to raise. Continue smooth breathing.

Position :

The process of downward bending is the same as in Pashchimottasana (full). In this Asana one leg is folded and the calf and the thigh are kept to the floor.

Releasing :

1. Exhale, and inhaling, start raising the head.
2. Restore both the hands to their place.
3. Straighten the left leg and take the sitting position.
Note : Practice this Asana by folding the right leg making the relevant changes.

Duration :

Initially, even if it is maintained for thirty seconds, one experiences the benefits. Of course, after practice, it should be increased to four to five minutes.

Internal Effects :

Basically this Asana prepares the body for Pashchimottanasana (full).

Precaution :

While bending downward, there is the possibility of the knees and thighs being raised, and this should be avoided.