9 Important Ways To Prevent Your Teenage Obesity

1. Set Your Kids A Good Example

This is the most important anti-obesity rule of all.

2. Don't Worry About The Calories They Consume

Children need quite a lot of cal to fuel high energy levels and growing body. The important thing is where the cal come from.

9 Important Ways To Prevent Your Teenage Obesity

3. No More Than 30% Cal Should Come From Fat

The less saturated (animal) fat, the better. So start reading labels.

4. The Family Diet Should Consist Mostly Of Complex Carbohydrates

Fruit, vegetables, wholemeal are great sources.

5. Serve A Balanced Diet

Be creative with vegetables and serve them regularly to your kids from the earliest age onwards.

6. Teach Them Low-fat Eating Habits

Serve cooked potatoes without butter! Get them accustomed to skim or 1% milk.

7. Avoid Fast Food Restaurants!

Many fast food meals are high fat, high calorie and nutritionally inadequate.

8. Encourage To Drink Regular Water

Once they get used to it, kids love water. It's great for a balanced, healthy diet.

9. Keep Them Active!

Don't just order them outside. If possible, go with them! Get them to stay fit and increase.