4 Main Reasons Cause To Lap-band Weight Loss Surgery Failed And Removed

Lap-Band weight loss surgey failure occurs from 5% to 37% of patients. With the increase of time with Lap-Band, the failure rate increase. After 18 months failure rate is 13.2%, after 3 years it is 23.8%, at 5 years 31.5% and after 7 years 36.9 %. If your original surgery has failed to provide substantial weight loss or you're gaining weight again, you have a failed Lap-Band procedure. In general a procedure is considered to be a failure if you lose 25% to 30% or less of your excess weight. There are main four reasons cause to it :

4 Main Reasons Cause To Lap-band Weight Loss Surgery Failed And Removed

1. Failure To Follow Lap-band Surgery Basic Post Care Instructions

It is the biggest reason. Post surgery, the patient has to follow a strict diet and especially avoid tea, coffee and alcoholic beverages. The patient should abstain from chips, sweets and baked foods. The most important factor that decides the success rate and the amount of success achieved boils down to your desire to lose weight.

2. The Surgeon Undertaking The Surgery Is Inexperienced

3. Complications Cause To Fail And Removel The Band

About 5% to 10% of patients have their band completely removed due to complications. Problems that require lap band removal usually include one of the following complications :

  • Band Problems : Nearly half of patients need to have the devices removed because of erosion or some other malfunction.
    Band Erosion - 9.5%
    Band Slippage - 6.3%
    Band Infection - 5.3%
    Port Related Problems - 7.6%
  • Pouch Dilation - 4.4%
  • Difficulty Swallowing : It is caused by eating too quickly, too much or not chewing food enough.
  • Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD)

4. Patients Develop Additional Symptoms

Usually, the band is removed if your body doesn't accept the band after a long span of adjustments.

The Fact That You Need Understand : The stomach generally returns to its original shape once the band is removed. After the removal, you may soon go back up to your original weight or even gain more.