4 Main Advantages & 4 Common Complications Of Lap-Band Weighgt Loss Surery

4 Main Advantages

1. One Big Advantage Is Adjustable

  • Allows individualized degree of restriction for ideal rate of weight-loss.
  • Adjustments performed without additional surgery.
  • Supports pregnancy by allowing stomach outlet size to be opened to accommodate increased nutritional needs.
4 Main Advantages & 4 Common Complications Of Lap-Band Weighgt Loss Surery

2. The Least Invasive And Fewer Risks

  • No intestinal re-routing, No stomach stapling or cutting.
  • Small incisions and minimal scarring.
  • The lowest complication rate and lowest mortality rate of any surgery procedure.
  • Patients usually have less pain, a shorter hospital stay, and quicker recovery.
  • Low malnutrition risk

3. Reversible

  • The Lap-Band is a long-term implant, but it can be removed at any time if necessary.
  • After removel, stomach and other anatomy are generally restored to the original forms and functions.

4. Effective Long-term Weight Loss

  • More than 500,000 placed worldwide.
  • On average, a loss of about 40% of excess weight in the first year and 55% of excess weight in the second year.
  • After Lap-Band, 80% of patients with hypertension no longer need to take medication.
  • 90% of people with medical problems caused by there weight such as type II non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus no longer need their medication.

The Lap-Band weight loss surgery includes the same risks that come with all major surgeries. There have been about 300 people die from lap band surgery reported so far, less than 0.1%. However, it is still an important consideration.

4 Common Complications

In the United States clinical study, with 3-year follow-up reported, 88% of the 299 patients had experience common risks :

  1. 51% Nausea and vomiting
  2. 34% Gastroesophageal reflux (Regurgitation)
  3. 24% Band slippage/pouch dilatation
  4. 14% Stoma obstruction (stomach-band outlet blockage)

Other Disadvantaged

  • Slower initial weight loss than Gastric Bypass or BPD
  • Requires an implanted medical device
  • In some cases, effectiveness can be reduced due to band slippage
  • In some cases, the access port may leak and require minor revisional surgery
  • Need regular follow-up critical for optimal results