30 Diseases And Side Effects For Obesity

All of this extra work leads to obesity diseases that are very serious. Some of these include :

1. Coronary heart disease
2. Type 2 diabetes
3. Hypertension
4. Dyslipidaemia
5. Stroke
6. Sleep apnoea
7. Pulmonary dysfunction
8. Gall bladder disease
9. Liver disease
10. Osteoarthritis
11. Gout
12. Some cancers
13. Menstrual irregularities
14. Polycystic ovary syndrome
15. Infertility
16. Gestational diabetes
17. Neural tube defects in offspring
18. Low-back pain
19. Increased risk of anaesthetic complications
20. Venous insufficiency
21. Carpal tunnel syndrome
22. Deep vein thrombosis
23. Poor wound healing
24. Psychosocial problems
25. Osteoporosis
26. Stress incontinence and leaking urine
27. Prolapse
28. Oesophageal reflux
29. Constipation
30. Tiredness
30 Diseases And Side Effects For Obesity

Cancer Risks

Those who are obese also have to face obesity and cancer risks for some types of cancer. Each of these conditions can cause serious complications, or even death.

Heart Problem

When you are obese, your heart is working overtime 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It is exhausted, and this is what leads to such obesity diseases as :

  • Coronary heart disease and
  • Congestive heart failure.


As obesity rates rise in America, the occurrence of type 2 diabetes has also risen tremendously causing many to seek diabetes pain treatment. What is especially disturbing is that diabetes is showing up in younger and younger individuals, because of the prevalence of childhood obesity. Diabetes is a serious condition in which your body does not produce enough insulin, which is required to process sugar. Those with diabetes, also referred to as glucose intolerance face the risk of :

  • Eye
  • Kidney
  • Nerve or
  • Heart problems


An obesity-related condition that is often associated with obesity is hyperinsulinemia. Some of these conditions also lead to other problems, such as :

  • Angina (chest pain) and
  • sleep apnea

Gallbladder Problems

One such condition of obesity, high blood Cholesterol, can lead to gallbladder problems such as :

  • Gallstones and
  • Cholecystitis

Must Face Are Related To The Strain Placed On The Body By Additional Weight :

  • On the knees when osteoarthritis occurs
  • On the groin muscles when people must deal with obesity and hernias
30 Diseases And Side Effects For Obesity

Psychological Factors

  • Eating disorders
  • Affects of obesity and
  • Child abuse

Many People May Find That Emotions Come Into Play When They :

  • Experience the pain of prejudice and obesity
  • When they reach a point where they are fighting obesity and disability

Another uncomfortable condition that may come about partly because of added weight is incontinence. Some worry about obesity and penis size, which is not actually a condition of obesity, just something that seems like a problem.