Lose Weight Fast

Fast In 3 Days, Lose 10 lbs.

Eating less, losing more and not starving the body. But the weight-loss is seen water loss ...

Fast In 5 Days, Lose 5-15 lbs.

Working to curb cravings by managing blood sugar levels and weight loss is the philosophy ...

Fast In 7 Days, Lose 10-17 lbs.

A very unbalanced and quite risky diet. You will burn no more calories than you take in ...

Fast In 28 Days, Lose 10-20 lbs.

The plan's significance is its length, you have a month to make changes to eating habits ...

Atkins Diet

Lose 10-15 lbs in 14 days. A no-hunger plan, the purpose is to change one's metabolism ...

South Beach Diet

A heart-friendly version of the Atkins which is predominantly a low-carbohydrate diet ...

Low Fat Diet

It is good for heart, but if you continue with your high GI general eating habits then you won't have success ...

Low Carb or No Carb Diet

You will lose weight but the body needs carbs to be nourished so you can't stay on it forever ...

A Simple Low-Carb Shopping List, What Can I Eat?


Low Carb And Low Fat Diet Compared

Lose Weight Fast


The Fastest Way To Lose Weight, Fasting

1. Juice Fasting -- Much easier for the general populace
2. Fruit Fasting -- Consume fewer calories compared to a juice fast
3. Rice Fasting -- For Winter, needs numerous digestive enzymes
4. Complete Water Fasting -- Drop a few pounds for an upcoming event

3 Option Of Intermittent Fasting
10 Super Tips For Fasting

6 Keys To Safe Quick Weight Loss

1. Start immediately to drink at least a gallon of water each day.
2. Limit salt intake, consume less than 2,000 mg a day.
3. Try to break up your food intake into 6 small meals per day ...

Fat-Burning Soup Recipe

Can be eaten any time you are hungry. The more you eat, the more you will lose.