6 Keys To Safe Quick Weight Loss

1. Drink At Least A Gallon Of Pure Water Each Day

Water suppresses the appetite naturally and helps the body metabolize stored fat. When you're trying to lose weight, your body will start breaking down extra fat tissue into waste which needs to be disposed of. One of the primary ways your body gets rid of waste is through your urine. If you're not drinking enough water, you're not generating enough urine to dispose of the wastes being created by your reduces appetite. Sometimes when you think you're feeling hungry, your body is actually thirsty instead. So by keeping it supplied with a continuous supply of water, you can actually find yourself eating less naturally. Make the water as cold as you can stand it. Add lemon or lime juice for better taste but don't add any sugar or artificial sweeteners.

6 Keys To Safe Quick Weight Loss

2. Limit Salt Intake

On its own, salt does not cause your body to gain or lose fat, In fact, salt has no calories. However, it can affect the amount of water you retain. Sometimes fat doesn't cause excessive weight. Water retention can increase your weight, especially around the abdomen. To decrease water weight, reduce your salt intake and consume less than 2,000 mg a day.

3. Eat Frequently

Try to break up your food intake into 6 small meals per day. Eating frequency helps weight loss by speeding up metabolism, controlling portions, and keeping hunger at bay. Eat every 2-3 hours tells your body that you are giving it energy and it does not need to store calories as fat. According to a study of the Journal of the American Dietetic Association, eating frequency is higher among weight-loss maintainers and normal-weight people than in overweight people.

4. Perform High-Intensity Cardio

Begin a focused, efficient, and intense exercise routine. No matter what, do some form of moderate-to-intense cardio 3-4 times per week and perform strength training with light-to-medium weights at least twice per week. Some of the benefits of high intensity cardio are the rapid results in fat loss, the increased in overall metabolism and that high intensity cardio also appears to increase aerobic capacity.

5. Supplement Quick Shed Weight Tools

Such as : whey protein shakes, a good multivitamin, and L-Glutamine supplements. Also consider purchasing a good heart-rate monitor to accurately track the intensity of your workouts. Consider taking a good fat-burning energy supplement. Although ephedra supplements - by far the most effective quick weight loss supplements - have been taken off the market there are still a few decent ones available. Most contain a combination of caffeine, yerba mate, and green tea extract. Also, plain black coffee and strong-brewed green tea make excellent pre-workout energy and fat-burning boosts.

6. Sleep Just Right

Most people need about 8 hours per night. If you're not allowing your body to recuperate each night you have very little chance of successfully losing body fat quickly and safely. However, don't sleep too long. People who slept over 8 hours or under 6 hours were more likely to gain weight than people who slept the normal 7-8 hours.

Signs Of Weight Loss Too Quickly

A safe and permanent rate of weight loss is roughly 2 lbs weekly. Some signs that shed weight may be occurring too quickly can include the thinning of hair, feeling ill more often, and feeling cold. These could indicate that the body is not getting proper nutrients due to dieting too quickly and/or not eating the right foods.