Reviews For The Low Carb Weight Loss Diet

Reviews For The Low Carb Weight Loss Diet

Low Fat Diets typically minimize saturated and trans fats and come in below the government's recommendation that 20-35% of daily calories come from fat. By comparison, in the average American diet about 35-37% of calories come from fat. You will be allowed to eat high amounts of vegetables, fruits and other nutrients, minus fatty foods, so you won't be hungry all day.

In one study, published in 2004 in the Annals of Internal Medicine, researchers tracked 120 overweight adults on a Low-fat Diet. The Low-fat dieters had lost an average of 20 pounds after six months. On average, researchers observed that reducing daily fat calories by 10% was associated with a loss of 6.3 pounds over six months.

However, the Women's Health Initiative, which is the largest clinical trial of diet and body weight, found that 50,000 women on Low-fat Diets had no significant weight loss. In a randomized trial, putting half of them on a draconian diet that provided only 20% of their calories from fat. After three years they had lost, on average, just one kilogram.

Popular Low-Fat Diets Plan

Ornish Diet

Has been developed by Dr. Ornish originally for use by his patients. 10-20% of the calories come from fats.

TLC Diet

Not primarily target weight-loss. It is for maintaining an ideal body weight and the ideal daily calorie intake.


It has partnered with "The Biggest Loser" that is the most popular weight-loss programs on NBC.

Weight Watchers

are discouraged from eating high fat foods as they are high in daily points.

Jenny Craig

Due to its high dependence on the prepackaged meals, any weight you lose may find itself back.

Pritikin Diet

Low fat content providing less than 10% of the calories in diet is a key feature of this regime.

80 10 10 Diet

Similar to the Ornish, 80% carbohydrates, 10% protein, 10% fat.

Scarsdale Diet

Popular in the 1970s.

Macrobiotic Diet

Originally from Japan, combines tenets of Zen Buddhism with a Western-style vegetarian diet.

Abs Diet

Increasing muscle mass and definition by eating a high protein low fat diet.


Meal delivery based diet that offers both low fat regular and low fat vegetarian options.

Fat Loss For Idiots

The diet is high in protein, low in fat, and with reduced carbohydrates.


Again, popular in the late 1980s – this plan emphasized high fiber.

Hip and Thigh Diet

Rosemary Conley's very low fat diet was very popular during the early 1990s.

Karl Lagerfeld Diet

Low fat, low carb, and high protein plan that the designer followed to lose weight.

No-Fad Diet

Low fat diet from the American Heart association.