10 Tips For The Fasting That Fastest Way To Quick Lose Weight

1. Tapering Off Coffee Before Fasting

Many people experience nausea and headaches during fasting and this is often caused by caffeine withdrawal. So we recommend that tapering off coffee about a week before fasting. It should do the trick and your headaches won't be so painful.

2. Don't Overeating Before Fasting

Do not eat a big meal the night before fasting. Don't partake of any alcohol or red meat and eat some steamed veggies and fruits. It will help rid the body of the substances in preparation for the cleanse of the fast.

10 Tips For The Fasting That Fastest Way To Quick Lose Weight

3. Drinking Enough Water

One of the important fasting tips to follow is drinking sufficient water. The loss of fluids during the fast takes a toll on the body and creates problems in completing the fast successfully. You can drink 1-2 quarts of unflavored lemonade in the mornings to balance the chemical reactions within the body and to restore it to an alkaline state.

4. Drink Green Tea

Studies showed that you can burn 35-43% more fat during the day when you drink 3-5 cups of green tea.

5. Avoid Sodas Even Diet Sodas

Studies showed that people who drank diet soda increased their waistlines 6 times more than people who drank any other kind of drink including regular soda.

6. Limit Salt

Consuming more than the recommend 2500mg of sodium each day will cause you to retain water and gain weight. This can make you look bigger than you actually are, so skip the salt and you'll lose the water weight.

7. Reduce Physical Activity

If you are fasting you need adequate rest and should lie low. You may find yourself becoming exhausted during exercise or unable to complete a workout with good form, potentially causing injury.

8. Sleep Just Right

Don't sleep too long or too short. People who slept over 8 hours or under 6 hours were more likely to gain weight than people who slept the normal 7-8 hours.

9. Limit Food Intake After Fasting

After fast, when you start to eat normally try very hard not to gorge. It is advisable to limit food intake to fresh fruits and vegetables. It will help continue the cleansing effect of the fast you have just undergone.

10. Avoid Using Microwaves At All Costs