Quick Weight Loss - Atkins Diet, Sample Menus

The Atkins is an amazing no-hunger weight-loss diet plan. Most people can lose 10-15 pounds in the first two weeks although you may initially lose water weight or lean tissue, rather than fat. However, if your definition of what works is permanent fat loss, then the Atkins diet doesn't fare so well.

The purpose of the Atkins diet is to change one's metabolism and lose weight easily by eating foods high in protein and limiting foods high in carbohydrates, which tend to raise blood sugar levels the most. By drastically reducing carbs and eating more protein and fat, our bodies naturally lose weight by burning stored body fat more efficiently. A high-protein, high-fat, low-carbohydrate weight-loss diet that allows for unrestricted amounts of meat, cheese and eggs while severely restricting carbohydrates, including sugar, bread, pasta, milk, fruits and vegetables.

Quick Weight Loss - Atkins Diet, Sample Menus

Based on surveys conducted by the Atkins Diet Center, this diet appears to be more effective than low-fat diets in enabling people to lose weight. 54% of Atkins dieters say their loss has either met or exceeded their expectations, and fewer Atkins users still weigh in as border line obese or obese. In addition, 44% of Atkins dieters rated the diet favorable on controlling cravings, as compared to 21% of low-fat dieters who found their diet favorable in controlling cravings. Likewise, 58% of Atkins dieters rated their diet favorably on maintaining energy levels versus 31% for low-fat dieters.

But, The American Heart Association (AHA) does not recommend high-protein diets for weight loss.They argue that the Atkins diet has not been proven effective for long term weight loss.

The Atkins Diet contains four basic phases :

1. Induction

Eating mainly from vegetables. Can expect to lose 10% of excess weight during the first 14 days of induction

2. Ongoing Weight Loss

Lasts for a minimum of 10 weeks, lose only around 1-2 pounds per week

3. Pre-Maintenance

Find Critical Carbohydrate Level for Maintenance, last 2-3 months and lose less than 1 lb per week

4. Lifetime Maintenance

Keeping your day to day carb count right around your ideal carb count is the easiest way

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