Pandect To Weight Loss Pills And Non-prescription Diet Pills

Diet pills are very tempting if you want to lose weight and have tried other weight loss diets with no success. If you are looking to shop for diet pills, be careful on what you buy because the pills can have side effects and can be useless. Americans spend about $30-50 billion each year on diet, pills and other programs and $6 billion of this is said to be spent on weight loss pills and products that are fraudulent.

Pandect To Weight Loss Pills And Non-prescription Diet Pills

The first weight loss pill approved by the FDA for the treatment of obesity, was Xenical in 1999. Currently, the common prescription drugs include Adipex, Pontril, Didrex and Meridia. Being weight-loss drugs, they are stringently controlled by the FDA. They are prescribed mainly for morbid obesity and they usually lead to modestly effective lose weight between 5 - 22 pounds per month. On average, individuals who use those drugs lose about 5 percent to 10 percent of their original weight. Weight reduction usually occurs within the first six months. Studies have shown that if you do not lose at least four pounds over the first four weeks on a particular medication, it may be unlikely to help you to achieve significant weight loss.

The non-prescription weight loss diet pills, the FDA considers them not as drugs, so they are not closely monitored. They do work with varying effectiveness. Consumers reported that it usually lead to modestly effective weight loss between 5 - 13 pounds per month without exercise.

3 Type Of Prescription Pills, Top 3 Best Seller

1. Xenical
2. Phentermine (Orlistat)
3. Bontril

Consumer Report The Top 5 Best Non Prescription Diet Pills

1. Proactol Plus
2. Proshape Rx
3. Unique Hoodia
4. Phen375
5. Pure Acai Berry

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