You Must To Know About Using Laxatives For Weight Loss

If you are using or thinking of using laxatives for weight loss then I suggest you look elsewhere. You won't ever lose fat with laxatives but you will lose waste products and water. If your body release a lot of water, your body will then think that it needs to retain more water. As a result, your laxative use has caused you to carry more water than before. The laxatives will have the opposite effect and make you carry more water and feel even more bloated.

You Must To Know About Using Laxatives For Weight Loss

How Laxatives Work

Laxatives are manufactured to more or less act as a sponge and, in effect, soak up the body's fluids and then releasing them through your stool.

The Harmful Effects Of Laxatives For Weight Loss

The truth is that daily consumption of a laxative is extremely harmful and should be avoided at all costs. If constipation is a reason for using laxatives then it is best to drink large amounts of water on a daily basis and to ensure that your diet is full of fibre-rich foods. It's also a good idea to be active throughout the day. Fiber cereals are a great way to relieve constipation as is prune joice.

Medications Aren't As Effective When Mixed With Laxatives

Another side effect of laxatives is that if you are taking other medications of some kind they will also become less effective.