Consumer Report The Top 5 Best Non Prescription Weight Loss Diet Pills

1. Proactol Plus ---

Costs : $89.95 / 1 month, 120 Capsules

Proactol Plus

Proactol is clinically proven to be an effective supplement which works by decreasing appetite, binding up to 27% calories and burning fat. It has been approved by the FDA as a dietary supplement and certified by the UK Vegetarian Society. Consumer report weight loss without exercise is 13 pounds / per month, weight loss with exercise is 16 pounds / per month.

2. Proshape Rx ---

Costs : $68.95 / 1 month, 90 Capsules

Proshape Rx

The main ingredient in Proshape RX is Hoodia Gordonii. The appetite suppressant pills help bring about effective changes by first of all eliminating hunger pangs.
You will begin to experience weight loss 2-3 weeks after using it. Consumer report weight loss without exercise is 8 pounds / per month, weight loss with exercise is 12 pounds / per month.

3. Unique Hoodia ---

Costs : $55 / 1 month

Unique Hoodia

UniqueHoodia is a pure, unaltered Hoodia product which contains no fillers, additives or lubricants. Due to a great appetite suppressant nature of Hoodia, it is really very easy to control your hunger and lose weight fast with UniqueHoodia. Clinical studies show that users that use Hoodia weight loss pills can reduce their calorie intake by as much as 2,000 calories per day, and reduce their food intake by half. Consumer report weight loss without exercise is 11 pounds / per month, weight loss with exercise is 14 pounds / per month.

4. Phen375 ---

Costs : $69.95 / 1 month


Phentemine375 is NOT a Phentermine pill. It is a fat metabolizing slimming pill. Phen375 will cause your metabolism to speed up , which enables your body to burn far more calories. You will lose 3-5 lbs per week right from the beginning. The possible side effects of Phen 375 are change in stool consistency and dizziness.

5. Pure Acai Berry ---

Costs : $ 54.95 / 1 month

Pure Acai Berry

Pure Acai berry helps speed up your metabolism. This can also help eliminate unhealthy body materials and toxins by speeding up your digestive system. Currently, no human studies have shown a link between weight loss and the acai berry. But since it does contain a host of antioxidants as well as other nutrients, eating the acai berry in its whole berry form can be part of a healthy diet. Some user report that they has been losing 3 lbs per week.