Weight Loss Diet Plans

Weight Loss Diet Plans

10 Most Commonly Used Diet Plans

1. eDiets - The Biggest Loser Meal Plan
2. South Beach Diet - A Low-carbohydrate
3. The Zone - Control Blood Sugar Levels
4. Weight Watchers - More Than 40 Years
5. NutriSystem Diet - Carbohydrate Frenzy
6. Jenny Craig - High Dependence On Prepackaged Meals
7. Medifast Diet Plan - 5 & 1 Plan
8. LA - Trying To Restore Their Reputation
9. The Atkins - Good Effect, Unhealthy
10. Pritikin - Severe Fat Restriction

Comparison. What Is The Best?

Speed To Weight Loss Result
Best For
Health Risks
Basic Philosophy / Approach
Food Are / Aren't Allowed
How Much Work Involved?

High Fiber Weight Loss Diet Plan

High fiber diet can definitely help you lose weight. The body can not break down the fiber and the high fiber diet foods pass through the body so fast that the body does not have a chance to absorb all the calories eaten and the food does not get a chance to convert into fat...

High Protein Weight Loss Diet Plan

High protein diet has been gaining a lot of attention in recent years. The high protein diets focus on consumption of more protein and attempts to lower the carbohydrate intake. The carbohydrates cause swing in blood sugar and the body creates more fat ...

Fast In 3 Days, Lose 10 lbs.

Eating less, losing more and not starving the body. But the weight-loss is seen water loss ...

Fast In 5 Days, Lose 5-15 lbs.

Working to curb cravings by managing blood sugar levels and weight loss is the philosophy ...

Fast In 7 Days, Lose 10-17 lbs.

A very unbalanced and quite risky diet. You will burn no more calories than you take in ...

Fast In 28 Days, Lose 10-20 lbs.

The plan's significance is its length, you have a month to make changes to eating habits ...

Low Fat Diet

It is good for heart, but if you continue with your high GI general eating habits then you won't have success ...

Low Carb or No Carb Diet

You will lose weight but the body needs carbs to be nourished so you can't stay on it forever ...

Fat-Burning Soup Recipe

Can be eaten any time you are hungry. The more you eat, the more you will lose.