10 Most-used Weight Loss Diet Plans - 5. NutriSystem Diet, Sample Menus

NutriSystem is one of the most recognizable names in diets. Started in 1972, it has helped millions of people lose weight on its portion and calorie-controlled pre-packaged meals. The program is based on the Glycemic Index. A typical day would include 3 meals and 2 snacks and it uses prepackaged foods as its main tool for weight loss.

Indeed, NutriSystem is a great way to easily and conveniently lose weight. However, some common complaints have been related to food availability, taste, long wait times for shipments, customer service response time, and credit issues. Many former consumers have reported receiving up to 1/3 of their order as substitutions to the items they specifically requested. And, these alternatives were sent without previous approval by the consumer.

10 Most-used Weight Loss Diet Plans - 5. NutriSystem Diet, Sample Menus

Costs Of NutriSystem Weight Loss Plan

About $230-$410 for four weeks of meals, plus $20 shipping ; $148 for 14-day starter program purchased through Walmart.

Losing 20 pounds :

About $706 for eight weeks of food on the standard plan.

Losing Per Pound :


Program Choices

There are 6 plans to choose from when purchasing NutriSystem. Each plan allows you to either custom select your meals and desserts, or have the meal plans designed for you.

1. Woman's Program

By choosing from more than 120 prepackaged meals, this program serves the under 60 year old female crowd. You get to eat 5 times per day, including a dessert each day.

2. Women Over 60 Program

As the name implies, this plan is geared for women over 60 years of age. While the standard program is the same, daily calories are less due to the lowered caloric requirement as women (and men) age. This plan is marketed as providing low sodium, low cholesterol, and low saturated fat food choices, with an appropriate dose of heart healthy unsaturated fats. It also offers a free one month supply of specialty vitamins that include the major anti-aging compounds. These include lutein (for strong eyes), ginkgo biloba (suggested to help with memory and mental sharpness), vitamins A, C, B6, B12, and the minerals calcium and zinc.

3. Men's Program

Food choices are similar, if not identical, to the Women's Program. However, Dan Marino himself claims that the meals offered on this NutriSystem program contain real food in big portions.

4. Men Over 60 Program

Nearly identical to Women Over 60 Program with the inclusion of the same vitamin supplement and healthy meals.

5. Type II Diabetic Program

Because NutriSystem addresses glycemic load and its response on insulin levels, it easily offers a diabetic plan for diabetics needing to lose weight. Claimed to be approved by a dietitian, meals are consciously prepared with complex carbohydrates in mind. There are 70 or more meal items from which to choose.

6. Vegetarian Program

Claimed to be the only plan that offers prepackaged vegetarian diet meals, NutriSystem offers more than 60 food items that are vegetarian-friendly.

Basic Guidelines

No matter which program you choose, here are a few guidelines and advantages of the program :

  • It takes 6 - 10 business days to receive food order.
  • Satisfaction is guaranteed- refund of unused products within 30 days of purchase.
  • Produce and dairy foods from your grocery store are added to most meals.
  • Program is available online or by phone.
  • Eat between 4 - 6 times per day.
  • No measuring, weighing, or counting calories.
  • Easy to prepare meals.
  • Meals are portable.
  • Free "counseling" available (beware of pushing salesperson).
  • Online support with chat rooms, bulletin boards, daily motivational email, classes, newsletter, weight loss diary.

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