10 Most-used Weight Loss Diet Plans - 6. Jenny Craig Diet, Sample Menus

Jenny Craig is still one the largest US- based commercial weight loss chains. However, The long-term success of the Jenny Craig plan is questionable. If you are able to modify portions on your own and choose balanced meals most of the time to adequately satisfy your appetite, then the program may be right for you. But, due to its high dependence on the prepackaged meals, any weight you lose may find itself back. This diet plan is a low calorie program and daily intake ranges between 1,200 and 2,300 calories. In fact, balanced meals with proper proportions of lean proteins, complex carbohydrates, and unsaturated fats are strongly encouraged.

10 Most-used Weight Loss Diet Plans - 6. Jenny Craig Diet, Sample Menus

Costs Of Jenny Craig Weight Loss Plan

$20 for 10-week membership, plus $84 to $126 a week for Jenny Craig food.
One-year premium membership is $359.

Losing 20 Pounds :

$1,070 to $2,120, including food, depending on rate of loss.

Losing Per Pound :

$54 to $106 per pound

The Meals

A major component of this particular weight loss plan is the prepackaged foods. With selections for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks, the diet can work nearly effortlessly into a person's life, with a few key factors to keep in mind. Of course, the prepackaged foods are not mandatory, though they are strongly suggested. With help from Jenny Craig counselors, you can create your own meals from grocery store food items.

Two Sample Menus :

  Menu 1 Menu 2
  • Oatmeal and honey breakfast bar.
  • Tea or coffee.
  • The mid-morning snack is a yogurt.
  • Oatmeal porridge and peaches.
  • Skim milk.
  • Tea or coffee.
  • Your mid-morning snack is a muesli bar.
  • Lunch
  • Burritos with beans and cheese.
  • Green salad.
  • The mid-afternoon snack is a glass of soy milk.
  • A spinach and ricotta turnover.
  • Lettuce and tomato salad.
  • The mid-afternoon snack is a peach.
  • Supper
  • Veal parmigiana.
  • Green peas.
  • Carrots.
  • The evening snack is fruit salad.
  • Beef lasagna.
  • The evening snack is a chocolate mousse.
  • The Pros Of Jenny Craig Diet

    Here are the positives about the program: Safe rate of weight loss at 1-2 pounds per week.

    • No calorie counting.
    • Allowed 1-2 alcohol drinks per week.
    • Caffeinated drinks acceptable.
    • Vegetarian options available.
    • Physical activity recommended for weight loss, but also key for good health.
    • Support via counselors and 24/7 web site.
    • Behavior and eating habits addressed and modified Healthy, balanced eating of food from all food groups.
    • No supplements of pills, shakes, etc. necessary.

    The Cons Of Jenny Craig Diet

    If there are positives, there must be negatives. After all, no diet plan is perfect. Here are a few factors to keep in mind :

    10 Most-used Weight Loss Diet Plans - 6. Jenny Craig Diet, Sample Menus
    • Food can be costly, depending on your normal food bill.
    • May have difficulty eating out.
    • Counselors are not health professionals.
    • Eating without the portioned meals may be challenging.
    • The taste of food may not be to your liking.

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