High Fiber Weight Loss Diet Plan, Sample Menus

High fiber diet can definitely help you lose weight. The body can not break down the fiber and the high fiber diet foods pass through the body so fast that the body does not have a chance to absorb all the calories eaten and the food does not get a chance to convert into fat. Hence more fiber meals you eat, the more calories will be excreted and the greater weight loss.

High Fiber Weight Loss Diet Plan, Sample Menus

High Fibre Diet Plan Sample Menu

Breakfast :

(275 Cal, 6.8g Fibre) 6 tbsp bran flakes with 3 dried apricots, 1 banana and skimmed milk.

Mid Morning :

(50 Cal, 1.8g Fibre) 1 apple.

Lunch :

(390 Cal, 7.8g Fibre)

  • 2 slices wholemeal bread filled with 2 tsp reduced-calorie mayonnaise, skinless chicken breast and 1 tomato.
  • Plus 1 small pot fat-free fruit yoghurt and 1 orange.

Mid Afternoon :

(30 Cal, 1.1g Fibre) Bowl of strawberries.

Dinner :

(465 Cal, 13.7g Fibre)
1 medium-sized jacket potato with 1 small can baked beans, 2tbsp grated reduced-fat Cheddar cheese, salad.

Total Calories 1,210 ; Total Fibre 31.2g