7 Tips For Overnight Weight Loss

1. Stop Eating At Least 3 Hours Before Go To Sleep

At night your digestive system isn't as effective as it is during the day, so stop eating at least three hours before you want to go to sleep. If you go to bed on an empty stomach, you are more likely to weigh less when you wake up.

7 Tips For Overnight Weight Loss

2. Get Cardiovascular Exercise 2-3 Hours Before Go To Bed

Regular, but gentle, exercise is the secret to success. Quality exercise would increase the metabolic rate drastically which would cause burning of calories hours on end even while resting. This effectively means that if the exercises are conducted in the evening hours, a person may be unconsciously losing weight all through the night. One may either go to a gym or buy a pair of dumbbells and do the exercises at home.

3. Drink Green Tea Before Go To Bed

Sipping a cup of green tea at night will boost your metabolism, especially if you've had three to four cups during the day. Choose the decaffeinated version before bedtime.

4. Sleep Deep

A good night's sleep is the most important thing you can do overnight to lose weight. If you have a restless sleep you're more likely to be tired during the day, and this will make you crave starchy, sugary foods. Get your energy from your sleep, not caffeine or sugar.

5. Workout Before Breakfast In The Morning

Your body will use one of two things for energy: carbohydrates or fat. When you wake up in the morning, having not yet eaten, your body will not have any carbohydrates left to use as fuel for your workout. Your body will instead use stored fat to energize your workout. Make sure you work out before you eat.

If you must eat, wait at least an hour before attempting to workout. Thirty minutes of cardiovascular a day is perfect to keep you fit. If you can't exercise in the morning, then another good time is two to three hours before you sleep. The elevated metabolism you get after exercise will go on through the night.

6. Eat Breakfast

People trying to lose weight have a tendency to skip breakfast. The problem is that eating breakfast helps to jump-start your metabolism, making it easy for your body to burn fat throughout the day. The other problem is that the longer you go without eating the more your body begins to fear starvation. When you finally do eat your body will store excess fat in reserve in anticipation of the next time it has to go without food.

7. Avoid Soda

Anyone trying to lose weight should immediately eliminate soda from his daily routine. Even diet sodas, with zero calories, can cause weight gain because the artificial sweeteners cause you to crave other sweet foods. A person who replaces soda with water can lose up to two pounds a week from this one action alone.