Six Super Tips For Natural Weight Loss

The most basic approach to dieting and loosing weight is to burn more calories than you take in. Sometimes no matter what you do it just does not seem to be working. When it seems like you need an ace up your sleeve for a critical moment, try one of these six tricks to jump-start your weight loss and get you back on track.

Trick #1 : Add Weights To Your Routine

Adding weight-lifting to your routine is one of the best and fastest ways to see real results.

Your body will respond almost immediately, shaping and toning muscle. Remember, the more muscle you have, the more fats you burn! This will be an easy way to determine the weight you should start with.

Six Super Tips For Natural Weight Loss

Grab a 5-lb. dumbbell and do as many bicep curls as possible. If you can do more than ten repetitions comfortably, use a heavier weight. On the other hand, if you can not do more than eight repetitions without strain, try using a small weight. Maybe try using a 3-lb. weight instead For those of you who are already training with weights, go to the next weight up to see results.

If you don't have weights in your household, it is highly recommended that you invest in at least a small set that ranges from three to ten pounds. These usually cost no more than $30 and are well worth the investment.

Trick #2 : Increase The Intensity

During your cardio workout routine, try to assess the intensity level to determine just how hard you are really working. If you can still carry on a conversation with ease while exercising, it's time to boost the intensity. The best and easiest way to gauge the intensity of your workout is to pretend to carry on a conversation. You may get some weird looks but it will work. You should be able to speak in short sentences with a breath after each one. Never exercise to the point where you cannot talk. There is no reason to overdo it.

Trick #3 : Shake Up Your Routine

Despite being called a routine, your exercise program should keep you interested in it. Add different activities for variety and to spice it up. You will not only maintain your concentration but also constantly challenge your body to meet new obstacles and develop more than just a few muscles. The more muscles you work out will equal a greater calorie burn – what's not to love? Try new activities that keep your mind engaged and experience an extra boost for your brain!

Trick #4 : Give Your Diet A Makeover

The daily diet is usually the worst problem when you're trying to lose weight. Spare yourself the daily scrounging around for a meal and stock up on healthy foods that can be ready to eat at a moment's notice. Make a point to stash some of good-for-you snacks at work so that when the mid-afternoon cravings hit, you have something that is both satisfying and diet-friendly.

Trick #5 : Challenge Yourself

Set personal goals for yourself and don't forget to reward yourself for your accomplishments! If your goal is to be more active at work, buy a pedometer and set a challenge for yourself. An example would be to take 6,000 steps during your workday. Be creative about it: walk to a colleague's desk rather than email, take the stairs instead of the elevator, or even go to the bathroom three floors down instead of using the one on your floor.

Trick #6 : Keep A Food Journal

Six Super Tips For Natural Weight Loss

One of the most common characteristics that most successful dieters share is keeping a daily journal of food intake or food journal. There's no real mystery about this: when you must write down everything that goes in your mouth, it forces you to realize exactly how many calories you consume through out the day.

Keeping a journal is also beneficial because you can find patterns in your eating. For example if you become ravenous at a certain time of the day everyday or if your meals and snacks are spaced too far apart. It can also be helpful to note your frame of mind you are in when you eat or even mention the circumstances.

If you begin eating as soon as you get home from work it could indicate a stressful job or it could mean it's simply just been too long since lunch. A basic food journal will require you to enter the food you ate, number of calories, amount of fat, and how much you consumed. This can be expanded as much as necessary to meet individual needs. Just make sure you actually review it every few days and try to spot any habits that need to be brought under control.

So start using these six simple tricks today. You will start noticing how much easier it is to diet and you might even have some fun. Dieting does not have to be a tedious task or something you absolutely dread from day to day. It should be an interesting and enjoyable part of you life. So keep positively focused and start using these tricks immediately.