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1. How Ultrasonic Hair Removal Works? Costs, Safety, Results
2. Comparison Laser Hair Removal & Ultrasonic
3. Ultrasonic Device - Applisonix. It's All Over! In 2013, Applisonix Disappeared From The Market!
Their website is no longer in operation and all promotional material has been removed from the web.

Ultrasonic hair removal is a fairly recent method to eliminate unwanted hair in 2010. Up until now, blonds, redheads and people with grey or lighter hair couldn't avail of laser hair removal simply because lasers cannot detect the pigment in lighter hair. Seen as a breakthrough technology, Ultrasonic use pure ultrasound to remove all hair colours permanently and works for dark skin stone. It is also ideal for removing hair on sensitive or pigmented areas such as eye brows, ears, nose, nipple, upper lip.

How Ultrasonic Works

An ultrasonic head is used to focus the acoustic energy directly into the hair shaft, channeling ultrasound energy precisely to the hair root, where the energy is converted into heat. As a result, the hair root's temperature rapidly exceeds the level that is required to cause long-term damage to the hair's re-growth mechanisms. Since the energy is accurately applied through the hair shaft, the surrounding skin is not affected. Unlike laser hair reduction, the ultrasonic is not target at the melanin in the hair shaft, hair bulb or epidermis, so, it is applicable to all hair colors and skin tones.

Ultrasonic Hair Reduction Device, Applisonix Disappeared From The Market

Safety For Ultrasonic

The Ultrasonic Hair Removal Device - Applisonix has CE approval and the company commenced marketing in 2009. In April 2010, Applisonix Ltd has applied to the US Food and Drug Administration to market the company's selectif ultrasound depilatory device in the US. However, FDA has not given the results. Hair reduction by Ultrasonic will not result in any kind of blood loss, but the skin may become irritated or inflamed after treatment. It is so accurate that the surrounding skin is not affected, meaning highly sensitive areas can be treated without pain or side effects.


The numbers of session for Ultrasonic is almost same as IPL and twice for Lasers. Ultrasonic is treated over a course of 6 sessions and spaced 6-8 weeks apart, each session taking 30 minutes. However, It is relatively cheap. Basically, the costs of Ultrasonic is half of the laser treatment. The Average Prices Of Laser

The Results

It's All Over!
In 2013, Applisonix disappeared from the stock market. Their website is no longer in operation and all promotional material has been removed from the web.


" Applisonix is the industry's first clinically proven ultrasound-based hair removal solution. Ultrasonic can complement currently available laser / IPL treatments by offering a solution for all hair colors and skin tones, and for shaping those delicate areas such as eyebrows or bikini line. In controlled clinical studies, Ultrasonic systems achieving 38% hair reduction after the first 2 treatments. And due to the selectiveness of the energy transfer and not target at the melanin, safety is expected to be significantly better and pain significantly lower. But anyway, we still expect to FDA can give a definite answer. "

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