Best 5 Laser Hair Removal Clinics In Birmingham

1. Court House Clinics

Court House Clinics

Court House Clinics was founded by Dr Bowler co founder of the british association of cosmetic doctors. Dr Bowler frequently appear in the national media and he regularly appears on news and current affairs programmes including CNN, BBC Breakfast News, Trevor MacDonald Tonight and consumer programmes such as GMTV, Channel 4's 10 Years Younger and Extreme Make Over.

2. MediZen Clinic - Laser Hair Removal Group


MediZen has won "Best Small Business" in Sutton Coldfield, Tamworth and Lichfield for two consecutive years - 2008 and 2009; the National "Creme de la Creme" award in 2010 and came Silver in the National Cosmetic News Clinic of the Year Awards in 2012.

3. Maxi Medicare Clinic

Maxi Medicare Clinic

Established in 2004, Maxi is a cosmetic laser clinic which specializes in pain-free and non-invasive treatments. All Laser specialists employed have undertaken core knowledge laser training and have many years experience in the fields of both laser hair removal and treating skin conditions using lasers.

4. sk:n Laser Clinic

sk:n Laser Clinic

Dr Sean Lanigan is Group Medical Director and Consultant Dermatologist for sk:n in Birmingham. He is now recognised internationally as an expert in the field of laser treatment of skin diseases and he has over 20 years of contributed research and over 140 publications under his belt.

5. Rejuven8 Skin Clinic

Rejuven8 Skin Clinic

Established in 2008, Rejuven8 provides a range of non surgical treatments and has various treatments to tailor to all client needs. They uses the very best in laser technology, the N.D Yag Laser, gives superior results for black and asian skin types; the Alexandrite is commonly used in white Caucasian skin.

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