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Established in 2004, Maxi Medicare is a cosmetic laser clinic which specializes in pain-free and non-invasive treatments. The treatments include Laser Hair Removal with the Multi-Award Winning Soprano XLi Laser, 10 minute Face Lifts and Laser Lipo. All laser specialists employed have undertaken core knowledge laser training and have many years experience in the fields of both laser treatment for hair reduction and treating skin conditions using lasers.

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Review by Mariama12I really wanted to get laser hair removal done but some of my friends who had had it done told me that it was painful and it can leave scars on people with darker hair. So I spent 2-3 weeks researching and found out there was a machine called soprano out which not only treated any hair types but was pain free (which apparently is a big thing) so I had consultations at 3 different places that used the soprano machine and decided on maxi medicare because they were cheaper (I'm a student) I've just finished my 3 session on my legs and you can see a world of difference, I don't even think I'm going to need all six sessions. I just want to thank everybody at maxi medicare for a job well done.

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Review by Amber11I have been going here since june for laser hair removal treatments using the soprano xl laser, ive seen really good results the therapists are really nice and very knowledgable. i would recommend to all. Also there price is good compared to other old lasers at some clinics.

Review by sanam75I had been thinking about giving the laser treatment another go, previously 3+ years ago I booked myself in somewhere in town, had my consultation, started my treatment and ran off 10 mins later. The pain was unbearable, I tried to tell my self no pain no gain but that doesn't work, so anyway a friend of mine from Small Health told me she had started her treatment in preparation for her wedding, when she said pain free I started laughing but she told me that the clinic had brought the latest machine out in the market and it was in fact pain free. I rang up and booked myself in, the consultant was an actual doctor which came as a surprise and she was very reassuring that the treatment would not hurt which of course brought back flash backs from my last attempt.

The big day finally comes, my treatment day that is not my friends wedding which was big in its own way. I'm seated, my arms are gelled, I close my eyes and it begins, I'm not going to lie I could feel something but I wouldn't describe it as pain, more like someone rubbing something on your arms, so in essence it was pain free. It's helped me gain a lot of confidence, their prices were not bad compared to their competitors, you can choose between seeing a male or female doctor/consultant and the experience has completely changed my perception on the matter and I now refer them to all my family and friends.


Lip £50 ; Full Face £140 ; Underarms £70 ; Bikini Line £80 ; Hollywood £110 ; Full Arm £155 ; Full Leg £210

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    Soprano XL Pain-Free Laser
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    52 Calthorpe Road, Birmingham, B15 1TH
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    0121 246 5968
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