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Skin Clinic offers skin care with latest techniques and a team of highly skilled professionals. The environment is friendly and relaxing. They specialize in laser hair removal and have a wide range of treatments to choose from.

Tim Blackburn is a registered specialist with the General Medical Council in Facial Surgery, working at Manchester Royal Infirmary and sk:n Manchester. He has experience in over 2500 operations / procedures across the whole range of facial, head and neck surgery including cosmetic laser treatments.

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by devbharti I have had over 15 facial laser hair removal treatments with Skin clinic and they do not work on Asian skin types. They try to sell sell sell. It is not worth a penny if you have Asian skin like mine. They also vary prices dpending on what time of day you call them or who you speak to. The Admin is atrocious. If you miss an appointment even if you are extremely unwell to go, they still charge you. They are horrible like that. I would not bother with them ever again. Once I turned up for an appointment to find out they hadn't booked it! I can go on and on and on.......stay away is my advice!

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I still have same amount of facial hair as before! I have had enough of them. I have also noticed that over the 4 years I had treatment with them, I have seen a huge amount of staff turn over. The "nurses" keep changing so often, they say oh she doesn't work here anymore. Also, you pay for xyz areas and they don't always treat the same area. If you question, they deny this. Very crafty, a trick to keep you paying for extra treatments perhaps? You might ask why I continued, answer being I live in the country and there is not much choice around here. If you are Asian, Skin clinic laser hair removal did no difference to my hair! They are very pushy and unprofessional! And damn right rude.

by Hiya Yes I have had a 6 course laser hair removal with this company, it does depend on what colour hair you have ,the darker it is the better it works... after the 4 month of treatment ( once a month, so four times) the results were amazing .. it really is worth every penny ..... i am still going but for a different area now . I also have a top up laser treatment once every few months, they are really professional there and it is addictive .. I really recommend it ,it certainly has changed my life ... good luck.


  • Choice of : Bikini, Upper lip & chin, Jawline & chin, Shoulder blades, Neck -- £111 course of 6 £373.10.
  • Choice of : Brazilian, Lower or upper arms, Abdomen, Shoulders, Upper lip, chin & jawline -- £135 course of 6 £453.60 ;
  • Choice of : Chest, Buttocks, Half face, Half back, Hollywood (inc peri-anal), Bikini & underarms -- £149 course of 6 £501.20

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