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Established in 1983, It is known as one of the leading names in the field of cosmetic medicine. The Private Clinic has been a pioneer in various most effective non-invasive and minimally invasive treatments that are widely used today. The clinic have some of the most experienced nurses and laser practitioners in the country and they carry out close to 500 laser hair removal treatments a month - that's nearly 5,000 treatments a year. Here at The Private Clinic they offer a range of treatments of laser hair reduction that deliver permanent results in just a few sessions. This allows them to treat almost every type of skin, including dark and tanned skin.

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By Anonymous After years of embarrassment and shame, with the laser treatment suddenly the hairs started falling out and I had a lovely feminine neck to show off! I feel as though I can meet people now and talk to them face to face. Last April I decided to take the plunge and have treatment on my arms. All those year of suffering to hide under long sleeves to plan ahead if I wanted to wear sleeveless dresses is all over. I feel feminine for the first time in my life.

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By mignonc When I got to the clinic, I felt relatively relaxed because there was a friendly atmosphere and Dr. Cronin really put me at ease. Also at no point, as a man, did I feel guilty about the vanity of the whole idea. I was made to feel comfortable and normal. The procedure itself was easy because I opted for IV sedation. The days after the surgery were not particularly comfortable but nothing unbearable. The results were immediately visible. Whereas I had previously had an inch or two over my stomach muscles, I was now effectively flat.

By KarenGershon Had some botox and dermal fillers and it was very good for the money. Not cheap but I want to be getting something good for my money which is why I came here. Results are great and have already booked myself in for another chat with the physician to see what else I can do!


Treatments start from £75 per session- for smaller areas such as the chin and upper lip

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