Teeth Whitening Knowledge

How Does Teeth Whitening Works?

1. Intrinsic Stains

Hydrogen Peroxide or Carbamide Peroxide are the most effective material for removing the internal stains. When applied to the tooth, the material breaks down into water and radical hydroxyl ions, as these ions work their way through the dentinal tubules and into the tooth, they attach themselves to stain particles and effectively break the stains apart that block out the light. More light passes through the teeth and makes them look lighter as the stains are broken into smaller and smaller pieces.

These stains that are on the inside of the tooth and show through the enamel as discoloration. These stains may be caused by coffee, wine, tobacco, or other products that can permeate into the pores of your teeth to cause discoloration.

2. Extrinsic Stains

These stains that are on the surface of the tooth. These are often newer than intrinsic stains and may be caused by coffee, wine, tobacco too. The methods for extrinsic stains is polishing tooth only.

Teeth Bleaching Knowledge


2 Most Commonly Used & Effective Teeth Bleaching Agent

1. Carbamide Peroxide
2. Hydrogen Peroxide

7 Facts For Teeth Whitening At Home

1. Stick To Whitening Procedure To Be Effective
2. At-home Products Contain A Lower Strength-bleaching Agent
3. Whitening Toothpastes Remove Stains But Don't Change The Inherent Color
4. Tooth Sensitivity And Gum Irritation Are Common Side Effects
5. Tooth colored fillings, crowns, bridges and veneers will not lighten.
6. If you have any cavities, they should be filled before you have whitened.
7. Teeth bleaching procedures are not covered by most dental insurance...

10 Reasons Cause Your Teeth Discoloration

1. Most Common Reason
Colored organic compounds from some foods and drinks such Coffee, Tea or Alcohol stains, particularly among young people Coffee/Tea stains can be removed by simple hand scaling by a dentist, But the Coffee/Teas stain over years might be difficult to remove and it can be corrected only by bleaching.
2. Tobacco
Smoking or chewing tobacco are also responsible for stained teeth, creating brown to black stains on the tooth surface. Nicotine stains are very difficult to remove over time and it may take multiple visits to a dentist to get complete oral rehabilitation...

What Age Can Kids Have Teeth Whitening? 2 Options For Children Below 14 Ages Old

According to the MDS USA, whether teeth bleaching is done by a dentist in-office or with over-the-counter products at home, young people under the 14 years old Should Not whiten their teeth because teeth are still developing. In fact, children's permanent teeth are never as white as their primary teeth. If young people carries out their teeth whitening at the inappropriate age, they will have greater chance of hypersensitivity even pulpal damage. On an average, over 70% of children using whitening products suffer from gum irritation and teeth sensitivity, which they usually find very traumatic to bear...

7 Common Reasons Cause Staining In The Teeth Of Children

1. Poor Oral Hygiene And Tooth Decay - Most Common Reason
2. Dietary Of The Children - Food, beverages and highly coloured sweets can easy cause staining of children's teeth
3. Certain Vitamins, Especially Contain Iron....

Can I Whiten My Teeth With Braces On? - Do Not With Anyway!

Do not attempt to go the additional step in getting your teeth whitening with any kind of whitening products such as gels, trays, strips or whitening toothpaste while you are still wearing your braces because there are definitely risks...

5 Ways To Whiten Teeth After Getting Braces Off

1. Get A Cleaning Of Teeth Done At The Dentist This will remove all the glue and bonding of braces and accumulated tartar and plaque on your teeth and show them up a shade two whiter than before. Note that : When the dentist is removing the braces ensure that all the substance that allows it to stick on to your teeth is removed too. If this is not done properly then you will ...

Porcelain Veneer & Dental Veneer

A Porcelain Veneer (alternatively termed Dental Veneer, Dental Porcelain Laminate, Tooth Veneer), is a thin overlay that is bonded directly to the tooth, this gives the tooth a completely new surface. There are custom fit veneers available to give shape and shade to your teeth and It is the only way to tetracycline staining. Dental veneer is somewhat expensive, but the life of dental veneer is approximately 10-15 years, the price be apportioned to each year is not expensive, so it is worth...