5 Ways To Whiten Teeth After Getting Braces Off

Finally, you can getting your braces off! Unfortunately, you will lose shades of whiteness in your teeth and yellow spots usually remain if you have been wearing them for several years. There are five ways to whitening your teeth after getting braces off.

1. Get A Cleaning Of Teeth Done At The Dentist

This will remove all the glue and bonding of braces and accumulated tartar and plaque on your teeth and show them up a shade two whiter than before. Note that : When the dentist is removing the braces ensure that all the substance that allows it to stick on to your teeth is removed too. If this is not done properly then you will be left with stains.

5 Ways To Whiten Teeth After Getting Braces Off

Because the teeth are normally more sensitive after you take the braces off, so, after a cleaning of your teeth done at the dentist, We Suggest : Don't use whitening products right away, give your teeth two - four weeks to have a rest.

If you are really impatient, you can use whitening toothpastes. A whitening toothpaste is simply regular toothpaste that contains chemicals or polishing agents that remove surface stains from teeth, they do not actually bleach your teeth (Top 5 Best Seller Whitening Toothpaste). You can also use some electric soft tooth brushes for better result with less work.

After a rest for two - four weeks, it is the time to bleaching your teeth. There are other four ways:

2. Use A Teeth Whitening Gels Or Trays

Most of the time dentists suggest Teeth whitening gels & trays instead of other whitening at home procedures. They are safety, effective, affordable, and the results last for a while. It contain the high concentrated amount of peroxide and the teeth can made lighter and whiter on average 3 - 6 shades.

3. Laser Teeth Bleaching In-office

You can option for laser teeth bleaching such as Zoom! and go home an hour later with a perfectly white smile. Done by a professional, it will be fast and precise, so don't worry. However, it is expensive.

4. Strip Is Also Effective, But Need Long Time

Strip is a easy and cheap way. However, it is not the best option because it do not contain concentrated amount of peroxide found in teeth bleaching gels. It need more time to produce the noticeable whitening results. But, strips will remain popular because of convenience and ease of use.

5. Home Natural Remedy

It is also a cheap, safe and effective natural way to keep your teeth white over time. The home recipes for whiter teeth is a paste consisting of Baking Soda, Hydrogen Peroxide, table salt and a dab of toothpaste. But it has a bad taste. Be used in place of regular toothpaste 1 or 2 times a week. You will get a whitening results in a month.

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