Top 5 Best Seller Teeth Whitening Toothpaste

1. Crest 3D White Vivid Toothpaste

Costs : $17.12 / 7.6 Oz X 4 Pack
Bleaching Agent : 0.24% Sodium Fluoride

It will not bleaching the natural color of your teeth nor remove deep stains that have penetrated the enamel because it mainly depends on the abrasive to removal the surface stains. Crest Vivid is best for smokers and coffee, tea, or red wine drinkers, the people most likely to have removable surface stains. We also recommend it to peoples who had bleaching the teeth used a bleach-agent whitener, it will prevent stains from forming.

However, the Crest 3D Vivid Toothpaste may be have more abrasive, it ranked the fourth-most abrasive in the popular whitening toothpastes on the market. Over time, an abrasive toothpaste could wear away the outer layer of enamel on a tooth, exposing the yellowish dentin beneath. Plus, the abrasives can be painful for some people with sensitive teeth.

2. Colgate Total Whitening Paste Toothpaste

Costs : $3.39 / 6 oz
Bleaching Agent : 0.24% Sodium Fluoride, 0.3% Triclosan

Colgate Total Whitening Paste is an excellent product as it can whiten teeth by removing surface stains whilst giving them and your gums a brilliant clean. However, it doesn't appreciably whiten teeth. Another thing about this, it is a paste and not a gel, it works well on pimples to help dry them out. It is noteworthy that : The active ingredient is Triclosan. The Triclosan is currently being investigated by the FDA and it is already banned in Europe and Canada.


3. Tom's of Maine Antiplaque and Whitening Fluoride-free Toothpaste

Costs : $8.66 / 5.5 oz / 2 Pack
Bleaching Agent : Baking Soda

Tom's of Maine are well known brands for Oral Care and are the leaders in Natural, Non-Flouride Toothpaste. It helps you control plaque and tartar buildup and whitens teeth every time you brush, without artificial ingredients or harsh abrasives that can damage enamel. Very mild pleasant flavor and almost has an ice cream like texture. However, it could not really bleaching your teeth because of there is not bleaching agent (Carbamide Peroxide or Hydrogen Peroxide).



4. Sensodyne Pro Namel Gentle Whitening Toothpaste

Costs : $14.85 / 4 Oz X 3 Pack
Bleaching Agent : 5% Potassium Nitrate, 0.15% Sodium Fluoride

Sensodyne Pro is formulated to protect against acid wear and also gently, yet effectively remove stains. It can prevent the enamel becomes thinner, to avoid teeth become visibly less white, weaker and sensitive. However, it only can scrubs and removes the plaque off the teeth and could not really bleaching it because of there is a very low concentration bleaching agent. We would recommend it to people with sensitive teeth and also want to remove stains of teeth.


5. Opalescence Whitening Toothpaste

Costs : $7.86 / 4.7 Oz
Bleaching Agent : Baking Soda, Fluoride

The toothpaste has a formula for low abrasion. It can maximizes fluoride uptake into enamel while removing surface stains at the lowest abrasive levels. Opalescence only can preserve the shade of your whitened teeth instead of really bleaching teeth. So, it is the most recommended toothpaste to maintain results after a tooth bleaching.