7 Ways To Whiten Sensitive Tooth

First we would not suggest anyone with sensitive tooth to whiten teeth. However if you must do it, please take note of :

1. Use An In-office Desensitizer Before Whitening

We recommend that use an in-office desensitizer before teeth bleaching, which is a paste that can be directly applied to your teeth in a single visit. The in-office desensitizers can offer months or even years of relief from tooth sensitivity.

7 Ways To Whiten Sensitive Tooth

2. Choose One-hour Bleaching In-office

Professional One-hour teeth bleaching in-office is much faster, produces immediate results, and requires the bleaching gel to stay on for a much shorter period of time. Minimize your teeth sensitivity.

3. Choose A Milder Version Of Products

Your tooth are quite sensitive to the Peroxide and Baking Soda which are often used whitener of whitening products. Choose the products which contain low concentration of Peroxide and Baking Soda.

4. Reduce The Teeth Whitening Treatment Length

Half of the bleaching length instead all treatment time. If the sensitive to be strengthened, it may be necessary to stop the treatment a few days in order for your teeth to get used to the whitening process.

5. Use the toothpastes specially made for sensitive teeth.

6. Don't overuse mouthwash, prolonged use of mouthwash can add on teeth sensitivity.

7. Use soft bristled toothbrushes all the time on the course of sensitive teeth bleaching.

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