6 Ways To Eliminate Sensitive During Teeth Whitening At Home

6 Ways To Eliminate Sensitive During Teeth Bleaching At Home

Sensitivity of the tooth to hot and cold is the most common side effects from teeth whitening at home. The symptoms are temporary and will subside in 1 - 3 days following termination of use of the whitening products. And you can also follow the six ways to reduce or eliminate the sensitivity of the teeth.

  1. First of all, check to make sure you are not overloading the application of bleach.
  2. Breaking up the amount of time whitening is done into smaller, longer spaced segments, will alleviate the sensitivity.
  3. Brush your teeth with Sensodyne Toothpaste and use a soft-bristle toothbrush.
    The sensodyne toothpaste has a high concentration of fluoride and the fluoride will stop the senstivity.
  4. Try taking ibuprofen for acute sensitivity.
  5. The dentist can be asked to prescribe a product containing high fluoride to restore the mineral content of the teeth.
  6. If the above methods can not prevent your sensitive teeth,
    STOP the whitening for a few days to allow the teeth to get adjusted to the teeth whitening treatment.