9 Situations Can Not Whitening Teeth. Are You A Good Candidate?

Generally, There are at least 90% people can make teeth bleaching. But there are will be limited to if you are below this:

1. Composite Fillings, Crowns Veneers

In some cases a cleaning or teeth whitening may not be an answer at all and the right answer may be dentures or veneers for the individual. If you are planning on a having any composite work done on your teeth, it is recommended to have it done before whitening. Otherwise it will need to be replaced.

9 Situations Can Not Whitening Teeth. Are You A Good Candidate?

2. Simply Suffering From Ill-effects Tobacco

If you are simply suffering from the ill-effects of tobacco use or the like then you may just need a professional cleaning. Whitening may be your goal, but not the right process to achieve the desired effect.

3. Browning or Yellowing Teeth

To overcome browning or yellowing teeth it is usually best to bleach the teeth to achieve the desired whitening effect. However, some teeth may not respond well to bleaching and should be observed as so.

4. Gum Disease, Cavities, or Worn Tooth Enamel. If you have any of this, teeth whitening bleach may not be effective.

5. Tender Gums and Sensitive Teeth

If you have tender gums and sensitive teeth may be best to avoid chemical whitening or bleaching procedures to keep from further damaging the teeth. Caps or crowns can also eliminate the possibility of a bleach based teeth whitening procedure.

6. Tetracycline Staining

If your teeth are severely stained by tetracycline you might not experience a dramatic improvement with teeth bleaching. However, it does make a difference after prolonged treatment.

7. Under The Age Of 16

Tooth whitening is not recommended for children under the age of 16. At this age the teeth are still developing and the nerves are enlarged. Teeth whitening could cause sensitivity and possible damage to the teeth.

8. Pregnancy

Dentists do not recommend teeth whitening for women who are pregnant or lactating. Although there are no known specific side effects, manufacturers recommend not to bleach while pregnant or nursing as a precautionary measure. And swallowing even the smallest amount of whitening bleach can be harmful to a fetus.

9. Allergies. Anyone allergic to peroxide should not use a teeth whitening product.