Should I Choose Teeth Whitening Strips, Trays, Gels, Pens Or Toothpaste?

The effectiveness of whiten teeth at home methods depends largely on the percentage of Hydrogen Peroxide and the amount time of product in contact with your teeth. Currently on the market there are basically four categories:

1. Trays, Gels

They are the far and away best bleaching systems for whitening effectiveness. It usually contains 10-20% Hydrogen Peroxide.
The three best tray systems are :   ♦ Non-moldable Tray    ♦ Boil & Bite Tray    ♦ Professional Tray

The professional tray is the absolute best product, followed by the boil & bite, and then the non-moldable. You will have 3-6 shade after 1 day - 2 weeks treatments. But gels will cause the largest possibility of sensitive than other home systems.

Top 5 Best Seller Gels

2. Strips

It is fare somewhat better on the scale of best products and it is very affordable. You will have 2 - 4 shade after 1 - 2 weeks treatments. However the whitening of the teeth is not uniform nor is the entire visible tooth actually bleached.

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3 & 4. Paint-on And Toothpastes

Overall, they are ineffective. You will have only 1 - 2 shade and more applicable to the maintenance for that had whited tooth.

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Top 5 Best Seller Whitening Toothpaste