3. Home-made Teeth Paste With Hydrogen Peroxide - Home Remedy

The home made tooth paste is a cheap, safe and effective way to keep your teeth white over time, but it has a bad taste.


(a). 3 Teaspoons Hydrogen Peroxide
(b). 2 Teaspoons Baking Soda
(c). 1/2 Teaspoons Table Salt
(d). Some Toothpaste
Be used in place of regular toothpaste 1 or 2 times a week. You will get a whitening results in a month.

Made & Use

1. 2 Teaspoons Of Baking Soda And 1/2 Teaspoons Of Table Salt.

Pour them into a mixing bowl. Baking Soda has a natural cleansing ability, it won't bleach your teeth, but it will help get plaque off and make them shine.

2. Add 3 Teaspoons Of Hydrogen Peroxide And Some Toothpaste.

Hydrogen Peroxide naturally disinfects your mouth and will also help whiten your teeth. Hydrogen peroxide breaks down very quickly in the presence of UV light, so it is necessary far from sunlight.

Attention : Whatever it is, make sure it doesn't have sugar added or that it isn't strongly acidic. The toothpaste to help neutralize the salty taste.

3. Mix Them Until It Is A Paste

Brush your teeth with this paste and leave the mixture on your teeth for at a couple of minutes.

Attention : You can store it in a plastic container to keep it from drying out. The Hydrogen Peroxide should not be swallowed at all. If you do swallow any of the Peroxide, it is important to drink at least a cup of water behind the accidental swallowing. This will ensure that the effects of the Hydrogen Peroxide are diluted.