Top 5 Best Seller Teeth Whitening Paint-on

1. BriteSmile To Go Pen

BriteSmile To Go Pen

Costs : $59.49 / 3 Pens
Bleaching Agent : 5.25% Hydrogen Peroxide

BriteSmile To Go Whitening Pen is an easy way to dramatically whiten your teeth, wherever and whenever you want. It has been very popular, however, the whitening effect is not satisfactory. The BriteSmile To Go Pen uses BriteSmile Procedural Gel as its whitener and it has a 5.25% Hydrogen Peroxide concentration. It acts both as a follow-up whitener, applied to maintain the salon treatment, or as a stand-alone whitening product for at-home use.

2. Listerine Whitening Pen

Listerine Whitening Pen

Costs : $11.99 / 0.074-Ounce
Bleaching Agent : Guess 17% Hydrogen Peroxide

Listerine Whitening Pen is very similar to the Listerine Strips, both use the same whitening formula that guess 17% Hydrogen Peroxide. Use once a day (up to 3 times a day) for slowly and naturally whiter teeth in 2 weeks and it also kills bad breath germs. However, If you are looking for extreme, blinding white teeth, forget it. Listerine Pen is easy to carry and use, some people report that the tip of pen is too stiff and the smell will make you puke.


3. GoSMILE Paint-on

Costs : $89
Bleaching Agent : 10% Hydrogen Peroxide

GoSMILE Paint-on

GoSMILE offers a tooth whitening solution that elevates the procedure from an unpleasant process to a simple, clean, effective application. It has a higher percentage of 10% Hydrogen Peroxide than most over-the-counter brands ( about 6% ), However, it's not as effective as dentist in-office bleaching systems. It is only the best suited for teeth that are already white and need some maintenance, or if you only need to whiten a few individual teeth. Brushed it onto the teeth twice a day for two weeks


4. Cosmetic Teeth Whitening Dental Paint Cover-up

Cosmetic Dental Paint Cover-up

Costs : $29.98 / 0.1 fluid oz

Cosmetic Dental Paint Cover-up is not a really whitening product. It is a cosmetic that only can help you cover up a dark tooth in all day. It is safe and non-toxic with no taste and no odor and it will not come off when drinking alcoholic beverages. Many user report that the Cosmetic can whiten for most teeth to look natural. In the least it just hide unattractive looking mouths from the view of other people.


5. Rembrandt Whitening Touch Up Pen

Rembrandt Whitening Touch Up Pen

Costs : $11.21

The Rembrandt Touch Up Pen is not as effective as whitening strips, but it's also not as annoying or sensitivity-inducing as the strips can be. If you don't have too big of a need to whiten your teeth and just want to lighten them up a few shades, you can try it. It is inexpensive and easy to use. But if you want radical whitening, go for something more effective.