What Age Can Kids Have Teeth Whitening? 2 Options For Children Below 14 Ages Old

According to the MDS USA, whether teeth bleaching is done by a dentist in-office or with over-the-counter products at home, young people under the 14 years old Should Not whiten their teeth because teeth are still developing. In fact, children's permanent teeth are never as white as their primary teeth. If young people carries out their teeth whitening at the inappropriate age, they will have greater chance of hypersensitivity even pulpal damage. On an average, over 70% of children using whitening products suffer from gum irritation and teeth sensitivity, which they usually find very traumatic to bear.

What Age Can Kids Have Teeth Bleaching? 2 Options For Children Below 14 Ages Old

Children As Young As 6 - 7 Years Old

To remove spots or superficial enamel color defects, enamel microabrasion is preferred.

11 - 14 Years Old

It is advisable to use the dentist-supervised home bleaching that is a tray with lowest concentration of whitening gel.

14 - 18 Years Old

Might have consider low strength home kits which will gently whiten the teeth but without any damage to the developing enamel. Include strips, gels, pens and mouth guards. It will take longer to whiten the teeth but also gets young people in to the habit of using a whitening kit every few weeks.

Over 18 Years Old

Might have a normal strength home whitening kits or a professional laser light teeth bleaching in office.

People should be very cautious before teeth whitening of their children, children under the age of eighteen have greater chance of hypersensitivity. You may want to consider making some changes to your child's eating habits to prevent teeth from becoming yellowed or stained rather than focusing on quick teeth bleaching treatments that could cause damage to your child's teeth.