7 Common Reasons Cause Staining In The Teeth Of Children

Many factors exist that can cause some form of staining in the teeth of children. They can occur from external or internal.

Reasons Of External Staining

7 Common Reasons Cause Staining In The Teeth Of Children

1. Poor Oral Hygiene And Tooth Decay - Most Common Reason

It is essential that the brushing of children's teeth. Teeth that are not brushed properly and regularly can turn a yellow or greenish colour, particularly around the gums. You should teach your child to brush twice a day. Tooth decay is one of the most common conditions found among the toddlers. Early tooth decay can grow to discolor the entire teeth structure.

2. Dietary Of The Children - Food, beverages and highly coloured sweets can easy cause staining of children's teeth.

3. Certain Vitamins, Especially Contain Iron

Iron can discolor significantly for teeth of kids. Many children are susceptible to it. However, the stain polishes off very easily.

Reasons Of Internal Staining

4. Disturbances From Certain Medications

With tetracycline staining, the dentin and enamel are stained a brown-gray color. The most critical time to avoid taking tetracyclines is from 4 months in-utero until 7 years of age.

5. Excessive Use Of Fluoride Supplements

Fluoride is very important for the prevention of tooth decay, and it is safe to use in toothpastes and mouthwashes. However, too much fluoride can cause fluorosis. Fluorosis occurs mainly in areas where the fluoride content of the drinking water is very high. Ingesting too much fluoride during the tooth-forming years will cause permanent white to brown discoloration of the enamel of the teeth and it is irreversible.

6. Trauma Cause Tooth Discoloration

Trauma can cause the capillary breakage inside of the tooth, which allows hemosiderin to enter to dentinal tubules.

7. Enamel Hypoplasia

More than 75% of enamel defects in primary teeth are considered to be developmental in nature. They are opalescent when trans-illuminated, and have a brown or bluish color.