13 Common Side Effects Of Medifast And Solutions

1. Leg Cramps
Problems From Ketosis  --  2. Dizziness, Lightheadedness, Fatigue ; 3. Headache ; 4. Bad Breath
Problems From Decreased Caloric Intake  --  5. Hungry ; 6. Feeling Cold ; 7. Hair Loss
Digestive Problems  --  8. Constipation ; 9. Diarrhea ; 10. Gas
11. Loose Skin
12. Skin Rash
13. Women's Issues

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1. Leg Cramps

Leg cramps are the most commonly reported side effect while on the program due to a lack of Potassium in the Medifast meals. It can intrude on your deep sleep, jolting you out of bed with an intense, sharp pain. The good news is, Medifast bouillon soup or cubes have been known to improve the potassium level. So, if you have leg cramps, raking a Medifast's bouillon cubes or its soups to help.

13 Common Side Effects Of Medifast And Solutions

In the first few weeks of Medifast, you will release a significant amount of fluid. If you aren't careful, you can disturb your electrolyte balance and become dehydrated, causing leg cramps. So, drink plenty of water throughout the day and avoid diuretics such as coffee and alcohol that further dehydrate you. At the same time, allowing yourself a little salt on your meal can solve the sodium problem

Finally, flexing the foot, or pushing your foot against a wall for 30 seconds and then relaxing it can help alleviate the cramp.

It Worth Noting That, Do Not arbitrarily add Potassium to your program without first consulting with your doctor. Adding inappropriate amounts of Potassium can potentially affect heart rhythms.

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