7 Disadvantages Of Medifast Diet Plan

1. Difficult To Keep Up

It may not fit every dieter's schedule since you will need to eat six times a day, and the meals have to be eaten every 2-3 hours.

2. Gain The Weight Back

Some users report gaining some or all their lost weight back after discontinuing the Medifast Diet. However, the risk of gaining the weight back is a problem on any diet plan, not just Medifast if you do not really change eating habits for the long run.

7 Disadvantages Of Medifast Diet Plan

3. A Bit Pricey

The monthly cost for the Medifast meals averages between $330 and $350 and does not include the cost of ingredients needed for the daily lean green meal. For some dieters, this cost is substantial, particularly for dieters with families who may not see a significant decrease in monthly grocery costs.

4. Monotony and Taste

Dieters on the Medifast weight loss program often complain about the taste and monotony of the food. Some users who stayed on the program for a long time say they quickly became bored with the foods since most meals are made by mixing powered substances with water and are cooked in a microwave. There are not enough variety and the majority of the selections are bland and have abnormal, unique odors. If you have a particular food allergy or are a vegetarian, your options are even more limited.

5. Physical Side Effects

Since the Medifast is so low calorie and also low carb, dieters may experience leg cramps, fatigue, irritability, headache and hair loss during the weight loss phase. Some studies suggest that, eating anything less than 1,200 calories starves your body, slowing down your metabolism and eventually making it harder to burn fat.

6. Soy Intolerance

Many of the Medifast meal replacements are soy-based. If you have an intolerance of soy products, you will experience some annoying digestive problems, including gas, diarrhea or constipation, especially on the first few days of the program.

7. Exercise Is Limited

Due to the diet's low caloric intake, dieters are encouraged to forego exercise for the first two weeks. After two weeks, exercise must be limited to 45 minutes per day. For physically active users, this can be a downside.