6 Benefits Of Medifast Diet Plan

1. It Really Works

Medifast has been proven to be highly effective for individuals who are severely overweight ( BMI >= 30 ) and need to lose a significant amount of weight. Users concur and reporting weight loss of up to 40 pounds in eight weeks.

6 Benefits Of Medifast Diet Plan

2. Easy To Stick

The Medifast plan is a simple one, no-brainer, no calorie counting. It's simple to grab the replacement meals, rather than spend time coming up with something reasonably healthy to eat, or worse, resorting to fast food. This simplicity can help dieters stick to the plan, especially in the early days when adjustment can be difficult.

3. Sensibly Priced

The Medifast can be cost effective and the uses may find it more affordable. The costs of it closer to $11 per day. That's a lot less than the average of $16 a day the average American adult spends on food. And they offers a 30-day refund policy. Unused foods shipped back to the company within this time frame are reimbursed in full.

4. No Hunger Pains

The use of foods with a high satiety index combined with eating smaller meals every two to three hours maintains more stable insulin levels and helps dieters feel more satisfied.

5. Good For Diabetics

There are Medifast Plus specifically geared toward diabetics. It can help Type II diabetes control blood sugar and lose unwanted pounds. In a clinical study, The Johns Hopkins University has conducted several studies on Medifast, with one concluding that Medifast is more effective at controlling diabetes than an American Diabetes Association recommended program.

6. Solid Customer Service

Medifast can be conveniently ordered online through the official website. The customer service are very professional.