The Effectiveness Of Medifast. How Much Weight Loss Is Possible?

Since 1980, more than a million persons have used the Medifast diet. Medifast has been proven to be highly effective for individuals who are severely overweight (BMI >= 30) and need to lose a significant amount of weight. It will involve losing auto 2-5 pounds per week during the first few weeks and then losing 1-2 pounds each week after that. In a clinical study, researchers at Johns Hopkins found that males lost an average of 67.41 pounds and females lost an average of 47.5 pounds over a 16-period.

The Effectiveness Of Medifast. How Much Weight Loss Is Possible?

The Medifast works almost twice as well as a food-based diet program, according to a study from Medifast Inc., after 16 weeks, the Medifast group lost 12.3% of their body weight and the food based group only lost 6.9%. The Medifast group regained more weight during the weight maintenance portion, but still lost more weight overall at the end of the study.

A study was done by the National Center for Biotech Information in which the effectiveness of Medifast meals was looked at when combined with an appetite suppressant medication. This study took place over a period of 52 weeks. Substantial weight losses were recorded at both 12 and 52 weeks. After 24 weeks in this program, 50% of the participants were still following the Medifast plan. At the one year mark, 25% of patients were still on the plan. Significant weight losses were seen in this study and the results were better than those typically reported for obesity pharmacotherapy in both short- and long-term studies and also better than those reported for partial meal replacement programs.

The Medifast plan is only worth it for those who need to lose serious amounts of weight and for those who have failed at most other diet plans. Relapses are common, to maintain the weight loss, the use of a fitness routine is recommended to increase metabolism and lean muscle mass. The high cost is another pitfall, especially when on-going medical oversight is included.

How Fast Can I Lose Weight?

You have a calorie deficit of 1,000 cal. That's enough to lose 1 lb every second or third day

Will I Gain The Weight Back?

You will gain back the weight in the first week rather quickly, it is mere water weight ...

Why Medifast Did Not Work For Me?

It is not the Medifast work for you, but you are CHEATING on the Medifast ...