Health And Medifast Weight Loss Program

Should I Require Medical Supervision While On Medifast Program?

A complete physical prior to beginning the Medifast is mandatory, including CBC, chemistry panel, lipid profile, thyroid panel, EKG and urinalysis. The purpose of the physical is to make certain there are no underlying problems that would contraindicate starting the program, to get a good baseline from which to start, and to rule out any underlying hormonal problems that may be contributing to the weight problem.

Health And Medifast Weight Loss Program

Because Medifast is a complete fasting regimen, weekly physician supervision is required on 5 & 1 Plan Stage. At each visit, your weight and vital signs will be checked, a brief history of your week's course will be obtained, urine will be checked for ketones to confirm fat breakdown, and an examination will be performed. The patient receives the next week's worth of Medifast supplements at that time. Blood studies are performed weekly, and an EKG is repeated after every 50 lb weight.

On the Transition and Maintenance Stage, follow-up visits with your physician should be done from once a month to once every three months. At each visit, you should have a CBC and a chemistry profile that tests electrolytes, blood sugar, etc.

If you become ill such as getting a cold or the flu, you can stay on Medifast provided your symptoms aren't too severe. Taking antibiotics (if necessary) won't harm your plan but may temporarily slow your weight loss.

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