Can I Use Medifast If I Have Had Gastric Bypass Surgery?

There are many individuals do the Medifast program prior to and after having gastric bypass surgery. Medifast Meals are portion-controlled, high protein, low carbohydrate, and fortified with vitamins and minerals. Your plan would be adjusted based on how long ago your surgery was completed.

Can I Use Medifast If I Have Had Gastric Bypass Surgery?

A Few Days - 2 Weeks After Surgery

Right after your Lapband surgery, you'll be on clear liquids only for a few days.
After that, you'll move to eating low-fat liquids for two weeks. Most of the Medifast products would be suitable for this period, with the exception of the oatmeal packs, some of the soups and, of course, the Medifast bars.

3 - 4 Weeks After Surgery

In this phase, you'll start eating some pureed foods, as well as the liquids. At this point, you can try things like cottage cheese, apple sauce and even the Medifast oatmeal.

5 Weeks After Surgery

It is the final phase, when you start eating foods of normal texture. You'll need to concentrate on getting plenty of protein in your diet, without too much fat. This is where the Medifast meals can help as they are all high in protein.

Using Medifast Before Surgery

Several weeks before your scheduled surgery date, it will be time to start changing your diet. In addition to taking whatever vitamins and minerals are prescribed, you'll need to cut back on caffeine and carbonated drinks. You'll also need to cut back on the fats, sweets and high carbohydrate junk food.

To help you prepare, your doctor could recommend that you use one of two choices. For the first, the Medifast 5 & 1 Plan, you would be eating five Medifast meals per day and then one meal that you prepare for yourself. For the other plan, your doctor may recommend that you follow a liquid diet which would mean just using the Medifast shakes and hot drinks, and not their other products.