11 Guidelines For Medifast Weight Loss Program

1. Remember To Drink Plenty Of Water

At least 64 oz of water is recommended. You should drink lots of water even if you are not going on a diet anyway. Water cleanses the body and helps the circulation of nutrients. Water is not meant to be guzzled to completion, water consumption needs to be a day long ritual.

11 Guidelines For Medifast Weight Loss Program

2. Can Consume Any Kind Of Calorie Free Beverage

You can consume any kind of calorie free beverage that you want and in any quantity that you want. Diet soda is really helping with the Medifast plan. You can also drink Diet Pepsi, Diet Orange Sunkist, Diet A&W Root Beer, and Diet A&W Cream soda.

You are allowed to drink coffee and caffeinated on the Medifast but limit drinks to three per day because some people will experience wildness, shakiness or the jitters from caffeine. We recommend to a product called Davinci's sugar free syrups. Evidently these are calorie free syrups sweetened with Splenda that are used to flavor coffees. They come in 44 flavors and can be added to coffee, tea, iced tea or Medifas Shakes.

3. Not Drink Any Alcohol

You should avoid all alcoholic beverages while you are on Medifast. Alcohol provides unneeded calories and it is metabolized similar to a carbohydrate, it will decrease ketosis and slow your weight loss. Alcohol stimulates the appetite, and it also can deplete your body of needed water.

4. Not Skipping Medifast Meals Or Replace Meals With Soups

It is extremely important that you get in all five Medifast Meals and the full portions of Lean & Green Meal each day. Many people mistakenly replace meals with Medifast soups, unfortunately this is a no-no. The soups are good extras to make us full, but they do not replace full meals at all. Each meal contains of the daily recommended amount of nutrition, minerals and vitamins. It is essential that no meals are missed, otherwise, a person can actually slow down the process of fat burn

5. Not Have A Little Cheating

If you eat anything that is off the plan while using Medifast there is the very real possibility that you have kicked yourself out of fat burning for up to three days. It is very easy to misstep and eat just one donut or one candy bar and although there may not be many calories, it is still a show stopper for weight loss.

6. If Hungry, Eat An Extra Medifast Meal

If you are experiencing hunger when starting Medifast, you need to eat an extra Medifast meal. The 100 calories from the meal will not throw your body out of fat burn, you will continue to burn fat

7. Just 1 Package Of Multi-grain Cracker

You may have just 1 package of multi-grain crackers a day.
Limit your broths to 2 cups a day as well.
You may have up to 2 tablespoons of mustard or barbecue sauce a day.

8. Eat Within The First Hour Of Waking Up


9. Eat Every 2.5 To 3 Hours

And never go past 4 hours without eating (unless sleeping) as this hurts the metabolism.

10. Get 7 To 8 Hours Of Sleep Daily

As sleep is a key need for successful weight loss.

11. Not Following Exercise Rules

If you do not exercise currently, we recommend you wait 2-3 weeks before you begin an exercise program. For an individual that has an exercise program in place prior to starting Medifast, we recommend cutting the exercise program in half for the first couple of weeks.

6 Conditions Limit Use

 1. Use medication lithium 2. History of seizures 3. History of peptic ulcer ...

15 Conditions Absolutely Prohibit

 1. BMI non-compliance 2. Pregnant or Lactating 3. Type 1 Diabetes 4. Active cancers ...

5 Tips Promote Loss Weight

 1. Stay 80-85g of carbs per day 2. Avoid eating a Medifast snack and bar in the same day ...

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