How Do I Get Started On Medifast? 7 Tips To Help You Succeed In The First 3 Days

The first three days are critical to the overall success of the Medifast program, it can mean the difference between becoming thin or staying overweight. However, the first three challenging, you will be hungry and grouchy! There are 7 tips to help you succeed in the first 3 days. Remember, as your body shifts into Ketosis, it gets much better after that.

1. Carefully Pick The Start Date

The first three days are critical, so pick a start date when you don't anticipate any family, work-related, or other social events centered on food.

How Do I Get Started On Medifast? 7 Tips To Help You Succeed In The First 3 Days

2. Order Medifast Meals And Plan The Lean & Green

You'll want to order at least a 2-week supply of Medifast Meals before you start. The Lean & Green Meals is the only meal where you will not be eating food made by Medifast. Plan the menu of you are going to have for a whole week and figure out what you need to pick up at the supermarket and go shopping.

3. Get Rid Of Temptation

Get rid of the favorite snacks such as cookies, ice cream or chocolate out of the house. Once you have cleared that 3-4 day hump, you won't really need to worry too much about cravings.

4. Drink 8 Glasses Of Water Per Day

Water makes up about 60% of our weight. Unlike fat, water cannot be stored and thus needs to replenished through adequate hydration. Water is not meant to be guzzled to completion, it consumption needs to be a day long ritual.

5. Eat Within The First Hour Of Waking Up Everyday

6. Eat An Extra Medifast Meal

If you are experiencing hunger when starting Medifast, you need to eat an extra Medifast meal. The 100 calories from the meal will not throw your body out of fat burn, you will continue to burn fat.

7. Not Following Exercise Rules

If you are not engaged in some form of a daily exercise program, we recommend you wait 2-3 weeks before you begin an exercise program. If you has an exercise program in place prior to starting Medifast, we recommend cutting the exercise program in half for the first couple of weeks.