6 Conditions Can Limit Your Use Of Medifast Products

Please check with your physician prior to starting the Medifast program if any of the following conditions apply :

1. Use Of The Medication Lithium

Lithium is a drug that's used to treat manic depression and it can change to the hormone leptin, which plays a role in regulating appetite. Weight gain is a significant side effect of Lithium especially if you have weight issues and are trying to lose weight. Because of this side effect, many patients stop taking the medication, which can lead to manic behavior and depression. Your physician may wish to order laboratory blood tests to determine Lithium levels while on Medifast.

6 Conditions Can Limit Your Use Of Medifast Products

2. A History Of Seizures

Among the possible side effects of Epilepsy drug such as Topamax, weight loss is one of the most common. If the medication levels is high than normal, it may cause to severe malnutrition on Medifast.

3. History Of Peptic Ulcer Disease (Not Active)

A peptic ulcer is a deep pit that results from damage to the lining of the intestines. It result from excess acid production, infection or destruction of the protected layer of the stomach, and therefore they can lead to weight loss as a result of inadequate nutrition. Do not use the Medifast otherwise it will active to Peptic Ulcer.

4. Require Consistent Intake Of Vitamin K

Anticoagulant medication such as Coumadin or Warfarin, require consistent intake of vitamin K to get the most benefit from the medication. Since Vitamin K in foods may affect the action of anticoagulants, you should avoid drastic changes in dietary habits or in your consumption of foods high in vitamin K. All Medifast products contain Vitamin K in the vitamin/mineral premix.

You can use the Medifast program with this medication since your daily intake of vitamin K will be similar each day. Your physician should be aware that Medifast products are fortified with vitamin K. It is important to work with your physician to have laboratory blood work done to determine a therapeutic level of the Coumadin or Warfarin medication.

5. Over The Age Of 70 Years Old

Over the age of 70 years old, a higher calorie and/or protein level may be necessary, so we do not recommend the standard Medifast 5 & 1 Plan.

6. Adolescent Use

Normal, beyond puberty and under the age of 18, any weight loss program should be used only as directed by your physician. However, Medifast has specially designed meal plans for patients age 13-18. The Medifast for Teens Plan emphasizes portion-controlled eating at regular intervals throughout the day, and is both convenient and simple for adolescents to follow.