How Much Does Medifast Cost? Is It Really Worth The Price?
Is Medifast Covered By My Medical / Health Insurance?

There are three purchase form of Medifast replacement meals, 2- or 4-week increments or buy them individually. The typical 2-week Medifast package currently costs $162.50 in 2013, which equals less than $12 per day. The 4-week package costs $315, which costs closer to $11 per day. That's a lot less than the average of $16 a day the average American adult spends on food (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics 2006 Consumer Expenditure Survey). And since Medifast does not charge enrollment or membership fees, you'll pay only for your food!

How Much Does Medifast Cost? Is Medifast Covered By My Medical / Health Insurance?

You're looking at around 10 pounds weight lose after a month's time of Medifast and the average cost of a month's is around $300 before discounts. So you're paying about 30 dollars per pound. I believe that most people who go on this diet feel that it's pretty worth the money. Frankly, this is likely cheaper than what you used to spend on groceries and work lunches out. And between the grocery store and fast food, we often don't make the healthiest of choices.

It Worth Noting That, there are a lot of promotional codes to lower the medifast cost and you can got a lot of free meals.

Is Medifast Covered By My Medical / Health Insurance?

Starting in January 2012, obesity counseling and treatment will be covered by Medicare. And that means that within a year, or maybe even less, most private medical insurance companies should also provide insurance coverage for weight loss treatment and obesity counseling. This is a huge step forward in the battle against obesity because for the first time, obesity will be considered a medical condition, not simply a social or cosmetic issue.

However, at present United Healthcare only offers certain members free registration and discounted weekly fees to attend Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig meetings. Not including the replacement meals such as Medifast. Some policies of health insurance may cover weight loss diet programs in conjunction with specific medical conditions (such as primary diagnosis of type 2 diabetes and heart disease) in which obesity is a factor and weight loss can lead to management or improvement of these conditions. But again, you will need to ask your doctor and your insurance carrier this question in order to receive an accurate answer based on your coverage and medical status.