Points Scheme For Palm

Yang Chi Point

On the dorsal transverse wrist crease, between the tendons of muscles extensor digitorum and extensor digiti minimi.

Indications : Dorsal wrist issues such as strains, sprains or subluxations.
Pain in the arm, shoulder and wrist, malaria, deafness, thirst.

He Gu Point

The crater for junction between thumb and forefinger.

Indications : Headache, pain in the neck, redness, swelling and pain of the eye, epistaxis, nasal obstruction, rhinorrhea, toothache, deafness, swelling of the face, sore throat, parotitis, trismus, facial paralysis, febrile diseases with anhidrosis, hidrosis, abdominal pain, dysentery, constipation, amenorrhea, delayed labor, infantile convulsion, pain, weakness and motor impairment of the upper limbs.

Tai Yuan Point

On the lateral side of the anterior wrist crease, in the depression on the radial side of the radial artery.

Indications : Chronic Weak Cough, wheezing, asthma, hemoptysis, sore throat, palpitation, pain in the chest, wrist and arm.

Shen Men Point

On the transverse wrist crease, in the small depression between the pisiform and ulna bones.

Indications : Cardiac pain, irritability, palpitation, hysteria, amnesia, insomnia, mania, epilepsy, dementia, pain in the hypochondriac region, feverish sensation in the palm, yellowish sclera.

Da Ling Point

At the transverse wrist crease, between the tendons of palmaris longus and flexor carpi radialis muscles.

Indications : Cardiac pain, palpitation, stomach ache, vomiting, mental disorders, epilepsy, stuffy chest, pain in the hypochondriac region, convulsion, insomnia, irritability, foul breath.