Massage Therapy For Eyesight Going

The adjustment disorder for eye lens or aging cause of retina function lowly and vitreous body turbid made your eyesight going. The glasses can correct sight because of the adjustment disorder for eye lens.
The retina function lowly is a aging phenomenon, but if the see nerve to be oppressed, the retina function can lowly too. The point massage can adjust the thickness of the eye lens form body muscle. The point massage can Keep normal appearance of see nerve. The point massage can prevent sight from descending.

Step Tong Zi Liao Point

The crater of one finger's breadth lateral to the outer canthus of the eye. Massage it by forefinger for 1-3 minutes.

Step Qu Chi Point

The crater of elbow joint, At the lateral of the thumb. On the lateral side of the cubital crease when the elbow is close to full flexion. Massage the point in forcibly by thumb.