Massage Therapy For Eye Fatigue

The eye is near by the central nervous, so the symptom for brain nerve is manifested in the eyes easily. The nerve fatigue is manifested in eye dry, headache and sore eyes. The mental strain, lost sleep and long time in computer made the symptom.

Step Jing Ming Point

The crater between the canthus and the bridge of a nose. Make an effort a little bit to Massage it for 1-3 minutes.

Step Tong Zi Liao Point

The crater of one finger's breadth lateral to the outer canthus of the eye. Massage it by forefinger for 1-3 minutes.

Step Tai Yang Point

Between the lateral of eyebrows and the outboard of canthus. Make an effort a little bit to Massage it by forefinger or thumb for 1-3 minutes.

Step Tian Zhu Point

Back of the neck, the crater for the intersection Point of the two big sinews and hairline. Wrap up head with the hands from the back and massage the point by thumb.

Step Jian Jing Point

Between the root of back neck and shoulder. Hold the shoulder and massage it by thumb for 1-3 minutes.