Massage Therapy For Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction (impotence) is the failure to get an erection, or keep an erection long enough for satisfactory lovemaking. It isn't a disease, but a symptom of some other problem, either physical, psychological or a mixture of both. Contrary to popular belief, the majority of cases have physical causes, with only one in ten cases of impotence being caused by psychological problems. It is normal to experience the occasional bout of impotence. Unless it persists, there is no reason to be concerned.
Occasional impotence is normal. Don't worry about the occasional failure to get or keep an erection. Occasional impotence is normal. Some of the causes include drunkenness, anxiety and tiredness. In fact, one of the most common causes of impotence in middle aged men is lack of sleep.

Step Shen Shu Point

On the lower back, 1.5 finger's breadth lateral to the lower border of the spinous process of the second lumbar vertebra.

Step Zhong Lu Shu Point

In the sacral region, 1.5 finger's breadth lateral to the posterior midline, at the level of the third posterior sacral foramen. Wrap the buttocks with hands and massage the point by thumb for 1-3 minutes.

Step Da He Point

In the pubic region, 1 finger's breadth superior to the symphysis pubis, 0. 5 finger's breadth lateral to the anterior midline. Close up the forefinger, middle finger and third finger, massage the point for 1-3 minutes.